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Took my last two finals today.  I'm officially done for the semester, and I'm happy to be saying it.  It's been long, but short at the same time.  Long days, but it flew by.  Luckily I haven't met anyone yet.  

My Christmas shopping is now officially done.  It's a relief.  Now I just need to do an inventory so to speak as to what I have for wrapping.  I bought mainly gift cards this year, but I need to check to see if I have tissue paper for the one gift going in a gift bag.  Exciting right?  lol NOOOOOT 

Been playing Farcry 3.  It's pretty effing sweet despite my weaker expectations.  It's another open world/sandbox game in a tropical paradise, psychotic pirates kidnapping you and shooting at you on sit aside.  I had just finished a mission and was able to continue riding around on this four wheeler you had to use.  I wrecked it after going over some big rocks, landed in the vicinity of some pirates who of course start shooting at me, shot and killed them, took their jeep, drove around with that for awhile, wrecked that, and continued on foot.  Good times man, good times.  You can also ride around on jet skis/wave runners which is fun as well.  Driving is fun, especially when you have enemies on your tail you need to escape.  You floor it and do your best to stay on the trail, skidding all over the place until you finally wreck or reach your destination, the latter being less likely.  Far cry, the place where no one cares if you steal their vehicle (for the most part) and where not driving like a fucking maniac is more likely to get you killed than driving sanely (because pirates will shoot and kill you if you drive sanely haha).

Don't have much else to comment on at the moment.  

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