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Watched most of a webinar on how to get women just out of curiosity, and of course it was a sales pitch.  Read another list of 10 ways to get women, again out of curiosity, and quite frankly if it's that fucking difficult to find someone I think I'll just live alone.  Yeah, I'm done.  Been done.  Not really news.

Replaced my car battery because for 3 days in the past week my car wouldn't start.  Exciting right?  Not really, but I learned how to install the battery on my car by watching the guy at autozone do it.  It's relatively simple in my car, just undoing a couple screws and lifting it out and reversing the process for installation.  Even more exciting right?  

Downloaded rhinestone eyes and melancholy hill from the Gorillaz today.  Good songs.  I like melancholy hill better though.  Just has the mellow weird comforting vibe I like in a lot of the music I listen to.

Watched religulous today.  Funny flick despite it's offensiveness.  It made a lot of religious people look silly, as well as a member of senate, one of the best quotes being "You don't have to pass and IQ test to get into the senate" or something like that, resulting in a reeeeeally stupid look from the utterer.  He also spouted out a bunch of words that didn't make sense, such as the literacy (referring to how literal the bible was) and another word I can't recall that was used inappropriately as well.  No wonder the country is going to shit.  We have retards running out government.  DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!    Oh brother.

Blah thats enough babbling for now methinks.  

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