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Roads were semi shitty today.  They weren't terrible, but it's an uncomfortable feeling when you have to hit your brakes and your car starts to veer to the right.  Luckily I got to class and home ok.  My car is a boss in the snow.

Noticed a girl eyeballing me periodically in class today.  She's been doing it a lot since the beginning of the semester.  I feel like this is a reoccurring pattern.  The problem I'm having is growing a set of fucking balls and saying hello.  Seems like every semester there is one class with one girl that sits by me most days and stares or eyeballs me frequently.  I'm still yet to waste my time trying to meet anyone, so pursuing a dating situation is out of the question.  I've said it a million times, I'm not interested in competition, or rejection, and the easiest way to avoid that is by avoiding everyone all together.  Easy enough.  It's become second nature to me now.  

Went and saw Hansel and Gretel today.  It was really good.  It could have been a little better, but I was thoroughly impressed with it.  It was somewhat unrealistic (given the accent and dialects spoken were comparable to modern society instead of that time period), but as far as the witches go it's a healthy combination of the traditional wand wielding broom riding witches and some interesting shape shifting like abilities, as well as some interesting types of witches, and some interesting spells cast.  These witches were more monster in nature, instead of more human like, with the exception of (spoiler alert!) the good witches.  As I said, unrealistic, but it's a fiction story so that's ok.  It was an interesting take and extension on a classic fairytale.

The skyrim hook continues.  That game is amazing.  Seeing as I have a house in whiterun now, money isn't much of an issue, so I joined the imperial legion in solitude, as well as continuing the dragon quests with Delphine since by taking a more subtle approach to the Thalmor institue mission (sneaking around a little more instead of going in axe swinging) I was able to complete it and escape.  At the end of that mission, of course you escape into a cavern like thing, and of course theres a fucking frost troll there to try to lay you out.  It was a small cave, but I was able to toast the bastard briefly and run past him, escaping into the main field.  It's a huge game, and it's a lot of fun if you like compelling story lines, and huge open worlds that you're essentially free to explore.  There are missions as I said, but you can do them as you please, and come back to them if you get stuck or frustrated or bored or whatever.  One of my things is collecting armor.  Every time I'm involved in a fight of some sort, I generally strip the fallen enemy of his armor and weapons (you can search dead bodies for their stuff), provided I don't already have one of the things the enemy is carrying.  I'll also take their gold, or whatever nick knacks they're carrying that might be of use or valuable as far as selling.  If you haven't played it, and have interest, check it out on youtube to get a better scope of what you can do in the game.  It's pretty amazing, and this map is so huge it's unreal.  :)  Very similar to Fallout 3.  

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